this fortnight’s highlight reel

It’s weird to think that I’ve been in Vancouver for over a month already. In a way it feels like it’s been longer than that – I’ve achieved so much and done so many things that it could easy be 6 months. Because I’ve been exploring the city a lot and now have a place in the city (more to come on this late) I feel at home here already, and because of this I’ve finally started to get a bit of much-needed routine back into my life. I thought that for this blog I’d run through the main highlights from the past few weeks.

First highlight was snowboarding on Grouse mountain. Grouse is the most touristy mountain in Vancouver, you can literally jump on public transport for $2.50 and it takes you right up to the ski lift in 20 minutes. I’m hoping to explore the other two mountains, Cypress and Seymour, later on (they’re more mountains for the locals), but Grouse was a great starting point for me. Anyway, I think I mentioned this in my last post, but I’ve never been snowboarding on a real mountain before. Leading up to this lesson I was so nervous and worried that I’d accidentally snowboard off a cliff or start an avalanche or fall off the ski lift or something. But when the time came I actually did okay… my worst injury was a bruised wrist (there were no broken bones praise the lord), a bruised tailbone and a mild case of whiplash! It was the most incredible day to be up the mountain – it snowed for the first hour and then cleared to reveal a beautiful sunset looking out over Vancouver city. At this time I couldn’t help but stand in awe of God’s creation, isn’t it just so amazing that the God who made the mountains and seasons and sunsets made us too? Blows my mind errytime.

First time snowboarding up Grouse mountain (literally just after it snowed and just before it cleared)

This scenery just gets me every time. So beautiful!
Another highlight was spending a weekend in a corporate box at the Canada Rugby World Sevens. Even though it was for work (it was a networking & rugby watching shindig for NZ companies and their clients), it was an awesome weekend and didn’t feel like work at all. I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of Canadian and NZ players, sit next to the pitch while the Kiwis were playing, and make some valuable connections with people in various industries working in Canada. I left the weekend feeling very tired, starstruck and happy.

VIP tour around BP Place Stadium before the Rugby Sevens.

Sasja & I having a yarn with Mike Fuailefau from the Canadian Sevens team.
I also managed to squeeze in time for my first hike last weekend: Quarry Rock. Even though it was only a short hike, it was cool to get to know some people from Westside church’s outdoors group, explore the Deep Cove area, and get some much needed fresh air! I also saw my first eagle on this hike (which was EPIC), unfortunately I didn’t have my phone out at the time but its image is forever ingrained in my memory #cheesy.

Looking out over Deep Cove from the top of Quarry Rock.
Oh and last highlight – I moved into my new apartment this week! Woohoo! It’s super central (literally a 7 minute walk to work in the morning), has a mean view of the harbour, is right next to the Seawall (aka. heaps of cool running tracks), and is shared with an awesome christian girl, Jenni, who’s also from NZ and has been living here for the past 2 years. Apart from the fact I now have to consciously reduce my use of heating (which is impossible considering how flippen cold it still is here) and buy myself a bed (cheers to Sasja my workmate who’s lending me her air mattress!!), it’s a pretty sweet gig, and I’m incredibly thankful to be living here. God is so good!

Taken while on an evening run along the Seawall.

The view from my apartment window… just imagine a mountain range where that white wall of clouds are on the horizon!
In spite of all of these sweet highlights, I am missing home a lot… I think this is because a) I’ve been teetering on the edge of sickness for about a week now and all I want is cuddles and homemade soup b) 1 month is a really long time to go without having a proper chat with friends or a hug from the family and c) I’ve been asked if I’m an Aussie soooo many times that I’m starting to worry I might actually sound like one and I really just need to be surrounded by some Kiwi accents and jandals to calm me down haha.

So yeah, that’s my fortnightly update (although a few days late). Vancouver’s still going great, it’s started to warm up a bit (if you consider a 12-degree high warm), I’m starting to get connected with Westside church, and work is going like a dream. I do have a prayer request if you’re willing: I’m in need of work in Vancouver after my internship finishes in May and I’d love to have a job that has something to do with my business degree and is also in an industry I’m passionate about (which I’m still to figure out what that is haha). Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!

That’s all from me for now, but I’ll be back!

Laura πŸ™‚


6 Replies to “this fortnight’s highlight reel”

  1. Great hearing your news, Laura!! Guess you’ll need to buy bedding as well!! Any sales on?? It’s so awesome we’ve been right there where you are!! The view is firsthand for us and it’s easy to picture exactly where you are!! Except it was warm and sunny the whole time we were there! xoxo

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    1. Thanks Aunty Dyanne! Yep I need to buy the lot – no sales at the moment but I don’t mind waiting for a bit! Wow really that’s so awesome! It’s pretty stunning along the Seawall, I’m pretty stoked my apartment is so close. I can see rowers going past in the mornings and evenings so I’m considering joining their club! I can’t wait for the sun to come along, it’s been raining almost non stop for the past week… How much time did you spend in Vancouver?


  2. Fantastic news, Laura and we are thrilled you’very found a good church home and are enjoying His creation so much. Cool to hear of your rugby sevens highlights and getting settled with a Christian flatmate. Next is your permanent job! We’ll pray with you xx Winsome & John

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